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Naoko and Weiner Demon Hentai thingy.

For the record, I know I’m not the best Hentai artist in the country, I don’t think I will do this often anyway.

Also Naoko is not a futa, it’s just a very convenient power that Weiner Demon has to give girls a dick with skin contact. Absolutely nothing will happen if she touches a man, except that she will bite his dick off at the end of the sexz and then she will eat it.

WIP Skullgirls Random featuring Cerebella and my OC Naoko.

It’s taking me quite some time to finish thanks to a huge headache I have since yesterday, though, here you can see a little preview of what I’m doing.

It will be a random two page story instead of the last one which only had one.

Also yeah, she is getting her ass kicked (Face punching) by Cerebella who isn’t even using Viceversa, worse than losing to Glass Joe.


Yesterday, on Friday 13th of March, a League of Legends pro player named Cheon “Promise” Min-ki of AHQ attempted suicide after an alleged “match-fixing” affair and own personal problems.

He has before stated that he lived in a disadvantaged household and his father left at 15 years old, his family home had no heating so his only way out was Pro gaming. 

He jumped from a 12-story building and fortunately landed on a roof of a recycling center. Today, he is fortunately alive and not in a life-threatening situation, although he is still receiving treatment at a hospital in Busan.

He is in a state where he and his family are in need of donations to pay for the hospital bill, and of course a tremendous amount of emotional support. Now this is where you come in.

Inven, a large esports website in Korea has set up a fundraiser for Promise and you can trust that the money will go to the right place. 

You can find the thread here and a translation here.

Please, no matter what kind of blog you are, no matter if you don’t play League of Legends or is a fan of the franchise, please at least reblog this post. It can save this persons life as well as provide support for his family and of course his own fans. 

(Source: gaykimchi)

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